How To Design Pleated Bed Skirt

Instead of spending a lot of money on specialty bedding just to get the effect you want, consider sewing the bedding, like a pleated bed skirt yourself. The hardest part of making a pleated skirt is deciding on the fabric to use. Choose a fabric that is easy to work with and will be easy to clean. Silk, wool, plastic or fabrics that have intricate or raised designs are not a good choice. Some materials of the bed skirt are pleated to improve the aesthetics of the fabric. This means that the skirt is sewn in such a way that it folds occur at regular intervals along the perimeter of the fabric.

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Such a design can cost more than a pleated bed skirt fabric without folds since additional work should be done to create this type of folds and extra material will often be needed. Simple bed edges can simply be decorated with solid colors without any seams or extra designs. The type of fabric used to make the bed skirt also has an effect on prices, as the finest kinds of cotton or synthetic materials can be much less expensive than cotton with a higher thread density or more expensive materials such as silk. Measure the drop or the length of the top of the spring bed to the floor. The standard length is 15 inches. Calculate the amount of cloth to buy.

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Measure the length and width of the bed springs. Decide on how many folds you desire and the size of the folds. Add each fold of 6 inches, 12 inches. Add 2 lengths and 1 width, then add the inches of the folds. Add 6 inches to the seams and a little extra. Divide the total number of 36, which is the number of 1-yard inches. Hem three sides of the pleated bed skirt linen first. Raise a 1/4 inch section of fabric and press. Raise another 1/2 inch of fabric and press again. Sew the hem with a straight stitch or a zig-zag stitch in place. Start and finish the seam, reinforcing the seam.

Create a template for the folds of a thin piece of cardboard. Calculate where the corner of the bed is and begin to adjust folds there. Fold the fabric over the insole on both sides with the fabric in the press center, then bolt in place. It may be helpful to buckle the creases before sewing. Continue adjusting the folds. Sew the folds in place using a straight stitch. Sew the finished pleated bed skirt on a sheet of the sheet to keep it in place.