How to Fix a Pull Chain from a Ceiling Light

Nov 21st
Vintage Pull Chain Ceiling Lights
Vintage Pull Chain Ceiling Lights

There is a moment of concern that one may experience when you flush your pull chain ceiling light and nothing happens. There is an audible click; the blades do not move the appliance and no light. When you pull the string and do not feel that the switch makes the connection, is a sure sign that it is malfunctioning. Do not worry; this is an easy and cheap problem to fix of pull chain ceiling light.
Turn off the circuit that supplies power to the ceiling fan. Remove all small screws that hold the light assembly or bottom cover (if the fan does not have lights). Remove the lights carefully, as they may be heavier than they look. To make the job easier, remove the curtains of the bell jar and light bulbs. It uses strain gauge touch-type to ensure that the power going to the ceiling fan is off.

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Locate chain switch that controls the fan motor

The first is located above the channel for the entire light and usually has three or four wires connected to the second (depending on model). Remove any decorative handle of the pull chain ceiling light that hangs from the chain. Remove the screw cap holding the switch to the fan body. Then remove the switch out of its hole. Write in a notebook what color wires are inserted into the switch terminals. These terminals are of pressure, which means that the cables are inserted in the terminal and held in place by pressure.

Start removing each switch wires

Sometimes it helps if you give them a spin to get them out from under the tab that produces the pressure. Or sometimes you can pull them using a needle-nose plier’s work better. If you cannot get easily remove the wires, by using the wire strippers you can cut the wires as close as possible to the switch. If short, strips 3/4 inch (1.90 cm) of insulation from the ends of each cable.

Connect the cables as necessary:

Depending on the brand switch ceiling fan that you’ve purchased, you may or may not come with pre – installed cables. If so, just make the connections using a cable connector to connect two wires of the same color (black wires to fan switch black, gray to gray and so on). If no pre – installed cables, wires inserted into the correct slots. Enter the string through the hole in the side of the fan body until the nipple is threaded all the way out of the hole. Sliding the cover over the chain and secure it by wires.
Push all wires from the ceiling fan back in the box and reinstall the cover trim kit or assembly of lighting. Does it carefully, in particular, be careful not to trap the cables to close the box. Turn the circuit breaker again, add your favorite pendant decorative chain and give it a tug. You hear and feel the click and the blades should start spinning. Verify that all three speeds work to ensure that wiring is correct.

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