How To Install Chimney Extension

Chimney Extension – Many wood stoves use metal fireplaces to vent the smoke from a home. Metalbestos chimney tube is filled with insulation of mineral wool. Insulation layers protect potentially combustible materials, such as wood floor beams, from exposure to intense heat. Metalbestos fireplaces may have double or triple walls made of stainless or galvanized steel. Double wall fireplaces are insulated between two steel walls. Triple-wall fireplaces have an insulation layer and an air layer to keep your outside surface cool. Make the opening for the chimney ceiling bracket in the beam opening or a finished ceiling.

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Measuring a square is 6 1/4 inches larger than the diameter of the chimney extension pipe and cut with a bimetallic saw. Continue to climb through the house and cut holes in the chimney. The size of the square holes you need to cut will be the same as the cut for the finished ceiling mount assembly. Position the fireplace through the house in a way that prevents penetrating into a wall or floor with a single wall connector. Insert the ceiling bracket into the opening under the square roof. Unit four nails partially in the holes that come punched out of the Assembly. Adjust the mounting so that it is sitting flush against the ceiling and finished driving on the nails.

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Place the trim plate chimney extension around the bracket and nail it to the beams to secure it. Insert the drip tube adapter into the ceiling support assembly and secure with two screws. Install the wall extension by sliding over the adapter without dripping. Insert two screws into the top of the extension and the drip tube adapter to secure them together. Slide the top of the tee outlet into the single wall extension and secure with two screws. Insert the drip-free cover into the bottom of the cleaning w. Put the cleaning tee on the bottom of the drip-free flue pipe adapter. Insert the connector or the smoke pipe and operation into your appliance. Insert the appliance’s smoke plug.

Secure all pipe chimney extension with screws. Drive the top pipe through the house and the attic, where you will reach the ventilation grille. Arming the joints by turning them together. Install a fire stop shield and a beam in each hole through the chimney. Nails the flanges of the beam shield to the structure of the fire stop. Once in the attic, slide the attic insulation screen into the tube. Screw it in place 10 inches above the beam shield structure. Cut another opening square through the ceiling. Insert the pipe into the chimney’s outer enclosure.