How to Install Lighting for Kitchen Cabinets

Jul 9th
Undermount Lighting For Kitchen Cabinets
Undermount Lighting for Kitchen Cabinets

Lighting for Kitchen – The lighting for kitchen is essential. Many owners have resorted to under-cabinet lighting to achieve a decorative and utilitarian in their kitchens. The installation of lighting under cabinets in the kitchen is a moderately easy and simple process. The result is a lighting for kitchen exactly where it is needed.

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Locate the electrical circuit that feeds the line. Move the switch to the off position. Take the cover glass of the light. Get the covers of wires including light wiring. Put the lamp against the underside of the cabinet wall. Use a pencil to mark on the cabinet where you need to install the screws. It marks the narrowest part of the screw nut. Use a drill or screwdriver to secure the screws at the marked points of the bottom of the cabinet. Left half inch (1.2 cm) screw exposed on the top of the cabinet. Use the back of the screwdriver to remove the dish from the power box of the vial. Insert a connector in the hole as the electricity lighting for kitchen. Use the screws provided to secure the box near the power supply hole. Put electrical wire through the supply hole and connector.
Make fit and secures the wire to the lamp. Use wire connectors and joins the black wires together. Connect the white wires together. Connect the bare copper ground wires together. Make sure that each connection is tight and finished with a cable connector. Put the holes in the lamp housing on exposed screws. Slide the unit until the screws are covered by the nuts. Use the screwdriver to tighten them further if necessary. Use the nuts provided to secure the cable compartment of the light to the rest of the lamp. Install bulbs and replace the glass cover of the lighting for kitchen in the box.

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