How To Lay Out Above Ground Swimming Pool Decks

May 2nd
Above Ground Pool Designs Decks
Above Ground Pool Designs Decks

Above ground swimming pool decks will help you to increase the value, attractiveness and functionality of the recreational investment. There are some steps you could follow to build a deck around an above ground swimming pool. First thing first is how to lay out the swimming pool decks.

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To lay out the above ground swimming pool decks, firstly you have to measure your pool. You have to be sure to record an accurate diameter and height of the swimming pool. Since it will be needed to determine the deck’s dimensions. If you are done with measure the swimming pool, continue with making plan plenty of width between the edges of the pool and the deck’s perimeter to make sure the swimmers will walk comfortably. That is why you should decide on the deck’s dimensions.

The next step is to obtain the permits. You can go to your local building department or ask a building inspector to come to your home to show them your swimming pool rough plan. Then you will be given some advice on regulations for stairs, guards, handrails, and other elements that can be subject to municipal codes by the inspector. After that, you can continue with drawing up the final plans based on the inspector’s recommendation and get all the necessary permits. Then, you can start to build the swimming pool decks.

Continue by choosing the decking type that you want to use whether you want to use a generally fine pressure-treated wood or a composite material. Then, start to make the deck lay out around the pool by using stakes driven into the ground. Then, you can mark the piers locations for the deck, after you finish to establish the perimeter.

Finish the lay out plan by purchasing the pre-cast concrete footings from the home improvement store. The footing can be used for digging post holes for the piers, even in regions with frost heave. Place the footings to the exact place that you want, then you can start to prepare the ground beneath the footings later in order to build an above ground swimming pool decks.

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