How to Light Trees with Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Jun 29th
Outside Landscape Lighting
Outside Landscape Lighting

When used as outdoor landscape lighting, the trees cast shadows interesting if properly illuminated. Several methods for low lighting like moonlight, superior lighting and cross-lighting, which require specific facilities and equipment. To illuminate outdoor landscape lighting trees, we first determined the effect you want to achieve.

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Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas

Acquire the proper equipment that includes, at minimum lighting fixtures, a transformer and power lines grade outdoors. For convenience, purchase a timer that turns on lights at a specific time. In the underground or light source, accent lights are usually used for tree lighting. Talk to a sales representative at a home improvement store to discuss your desired lighting technique and requests assistance with selecting the right equipment. As a guide, buy a 14 gauge cord to lighting 200 watt or 12 gauge wire for systems over 200 watts.

Connect the device to a power source outdoors of your outdoor landscape lighting, one that closes on the cord and place them around the tree to determine the best location for insertion or digging. For example, if you want to get shade on a structure placed in front of the tree lights to shade. A tree should have no more than two lights. This step serves as a testing phase for an approach to lighting and should be done at night. Move the lights to achieve better results and mark the location by digging a small hole or leave the lights in place until morning.

Dig a shallow trench about 3 inches (7 cm) with a shovel. Make it work from the placement position directly to the power supply. This will serve as a trench for electrical cord and must be closely against the curb or another way. Run the cord through the ditch and flip it to the lawn or lace to cover it. Peel 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) cable lighting system using a stripper. Connect the bare wires to the screw terminals of the transformer and adjusted with a screwdriver.

Mount the transformer to a stake driven into the ground or wall. Plug the output transformer to the outdoors. Dig a hole in the ground to suit each device. Replace the ground until covered exit without being hidden. Press the connectors lighting fixture that should have come in the packaging until you hear a click. Pierce the rubber covering the wires and make the connection. The outdoor landscape lighting should come on when the transformer is plugged. Perform this step for each device.

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