How To Make Black And White Coverlet

Simple black and white coverlet consists of a single pattern, allowing manufacturers at all levels to make a quilt quickly. Traditionally known as clipping or amulet, they are a great way to recycle leftovers from previous projects and are wonderful for displaying fabulous fabric patterns in non-traditional or novel materials. Placing decorative buttons on the quilt on top makes it functional while adding another design layer, allowing you to finish easily and quickly. Measure the bed to determine how long the bedspread will be. The normal size of fall for each side of a quilt is 8 inches (20 cm) below the top of the mattress, but it can be any measure you want.

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The best black and white coverlet is made of 4-inch squares. Calculate the number of squares needed for your coverlet by dividing the width of the quilt in inches by four inches and rounding to the nearest whole number. Then divide the length of the quilt in inches by four inches and round to the nearest whole number of the total number of squares needed from end to end of the quilt. Multiply the number of patches of the width by the number of squares needed for the length to have the total number of squares of pieces to cut.

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Cut a square of 4 and 1/2 inches of fabric using a rotary cutter and ruler. Support the 4 and 1/2 inch rotary ruler block directly onto the fabric so you can clearly see the pattern through it. Re-position yourself until you find a block design that you like and cut with the rotary cutter, making sure you work on the rotating carpet. Continue cutting the 4 and 1/2 inch fabric squares of different pieces of patterned fabric until you have the number needed for the quilt. Variety is what makes the patchwork quilt interesting, so it includes a number of different fabrics on the quilt. When you reach the desired number of squares, place them in an attractive way, playing with colors and with the interaction of brightness and darkness for additional designs that form on the quilt.

Sew each black and white coverlet horizontal row, rotate the second block on the left to the first block to look to the right side and sew with a 1/4 inch seam to join it. Rotate the third block to the second, with the right sides together and sew as before. Repeat through the entire row. Continue joining all the horizontal rows in this way. Iron all seams, the fabric between the stitched seam and the edges cut in the first horizontal row towards the left side of the quilt. Iron all seams from the second row to the right side of the quilt. Continue with subsequent rows, alternating the address of each row.