How to Make Orange Table Lamps with Paper

Dec 11th
Tall Orange Table Lamps
Tall Orange Table Lamps

The paper lanterns are a simple but elegant art that can be customized in many different ways like orange table lamps in color. Paper lamps tables can take a variety of forms, but the classic square or rectangle is easier to create. All you need to build paper table lamps is balsa wood, rice paper and glue. Don’t forget the color material you can use orange table lamps.

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Cut 12 pieces of equal length of 1/4 inch (1.6 cm square) balsa wood. The length you choose will determine the overall size of your square of paper lantern table. Use larger pieces of balsa wood to make big bluffs and smaller pieces for children. Cut two squares with four of the balsa wood pieces for each square for your planned orange table lamps. Align the edges of the pieces of balsa wood so that they are flush with the edges of adjacent pieces.

Apply a drop of glue in each of the four corners of the square frame remaining. Flip the square frame and press the top of each vertical stick of balsa wood glue on each of the four corners to create a cube-shaped frame. Let the glue dry completely. Keep the bucket on a piece of rice paper with the adhesive side down and align the edges as close as possible before pressing the bucket down on the paper, creating a seal with the glue. The last step of course you must color it with the water-color with orange and let it dry before you use your beautiful orange table lamps.

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