How to Measure a Pendant Lamp Lighting Height in the Bedroom

Sep 25th
Track Lighting Fixtures For Bedroom
Track Lighting Fixtures For Bedroom

Bedroom pendant lighting is one of the options to add light to a room. They come in a variety of designs, from simple to elaborate brooch pendant lighting artwork. When you decide to buy a pendant lamp, you must choose one that suits the existing furnishings. Taking the time to measure the room to the chandelier or pendant lamp ensure that you choose the appropriate size of Bedroom pendant lighting.

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If installing the pendant lamp over the bed,

measure from the ceiling to the top of the table using a tape measure. Subtract 30 inches to the measurement. For example, subtract 30 to the distance you took off from the table to the ceiling. If this was 72 inches, determine that you find a pendant lamp with a maximum length of 42 inches. Take the measurement over the bed. Find a pendant lamp that is 8 inches less than the diameter of the bed as your bedroom pendant lighting.
If you want to put a pendant lamp in a hallway or entrance hall, place the end of the tape measure on the roof and measure the distance to the ground. This will help if you buy a pendant with flush mounting. Find the perimeter of the room to determine the diameter of the chandelier should be. A room that is 12 by 12 feet will have a perimeter of 24 feet, so you can find a pendant lamp with a diameter less than 24 inches. Take all measurements with you when you go to buy it. Vendors will take them into account to help you choose the proper size pendant lamp for your bedroom pendant lighting.

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