How to Mount a Vanity with Light

Jul 12th
Vanity Set With Light Bulbs
Vanity Set With Light Bulbs

Vanity with light – style is come and go, and so when a light bath fixture fails or is outdated, it is easy to replace. A new vanity with light typically placed above or beside the main bathroom mirror or medicine cabinet, is a way to brighten the decor of the room. Vanity lights come in all finishes, sizes and prices and are easy to install onto an electrical box in the wall.

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Turn off the power to the lamp on the switchboard. Remove the screws holding the old unit to the mounting plate on the electrical box. Remove the plastic wire nuts and unscrew the wires to remove the attachment. Inspect the wires from the existing electrical box. Peelers cutting wires when twisted or too irregular to properly secure the new fixture, then strip 1/2 inch of insulation in the wire strippers.
Make a diagram of the wires if they see complex before attempting to install the new vanity light. Place the mounting strap for the new fixture of vanity with light, of course you have install it with a screwdriver. Locate the wires in the box. Twist the ends of the green and white wire (neutral) to the device with the white or green wire in the box using the plastic wire nut.
Place the grounding cable in the box and the grounding cable in vanity lamp. Twist the ends of the two wires together with plastic wire nut. Gently push the wires attached to the wall. Hold the vanity lighting flush against the wall. Set the vanity light fixture base mounting tape. Insert the screws into the outer base vanity light fixture and then fixed to the wall.

Tips & Warnings

Be sure to install the bulbs must not exceed the maximum allowed for the fixture. Measure the hole in the wall before buying a new vanity fixture to ensure that the new one will completely cover the hole. Be sure to cut the power to the electrical box are working. If in doubt, apply power and use a voltage tester to identify hot wires. Then turn off the unit and connect the projector of your vanity with light.

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