How To Wash Wool Pink Coverlet

Pink coverlet wool and woolen blankets were used more frequently. Today, however, quilts are often made of cotton and acrylic fiber, which is easier to maintain and wash, but not as warm as wool quilts. Difficult to maintain does not deter you from buying a woolen quilt because you can use a quality wool duvet for a very long time and you can warm up properly in cold winter months. When it comes to the question of how to wash a wool duvet; first read carefully the label of the wash instructions. For best results, follow the instructions here. If you do not have a washing label, you can wash your comforter with soap, cold water and special detergent for wool.

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The first rule that applies to all textile products produced from blankets or jacket wool is to wash with cold water. Hot water causes the wool to clump if you are washing a woolen garment. Most of the modern washing machines are manufactured with a wool fabric washing program on the precision caliper, but sometimes the capacity of the machine may not be sufficient for a 2 person wool pink coverlet. In such a case, fill the tub with cold water and dip the duvet in water for 1-2 hours. Later, detergent made for woolen fabrics (you can also use normal detergent) 1 cup about 1.5 cups of teaspoon and bake well. You can turn the comforter into detergent water during the washing process.

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After thoroughly washing the pink coverlet, empty the tub and refill with water and rinse thoroughly. If detergent remains, it may cause allergies. Cutting the duvet to dry leads to the gathering of the water on one side and allows the duvet to dry evenly. If you do not have a place to give it, you can spread it on your pink coverlet laundry. When you remove the quilt from the tub, do not squeeze it too much, just take a lot of water to keep the water from dripping while drying. Make sure that the wools are dry enough so that the mattress does not mold before putting on the bed and that it does not smell of moisture.

In the past, naphthalene was used when woolen quilts were stored, but after the quilt was removed for winter, the smell of the mothballs would not go away for a long time. You can now use airtight vacuum bags to protect your napkin from moisture and insects instead of naphthalene. After folding the duvet properly, place it in the bag and take the air from the bag thoroughly.