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Medallion quilts – Quilt racks are handy decorating your room while maintaining duvets, blankets or towels. Quilt racks can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor. There are many different styles of quilt racks that fit almost any style of home decor. Quilt racks can be used for the traditional purpose of quilts that are held or that can be used for holding other household objects as well. Quilt racks were invented in the 17th century in colonial America. Two groups that were initially invented and quilt racks used were the Shakers (Kentucky) and the Amish (Pennsylvania). Nowadays, these two groups continue to actively create quilt racks that are still popular home decor and furniture for many people.

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Place floor medallion quilts rack in individual room rooms or bedrooms, and fills them with extra blankets and duvets. Place the shelf near the bedspread so that guests can easily reach for extra warm clothing when they want to snuggle under the sheets in bed. Floor duvet racks add a touch of country to any bedroom. Place a stand up bedspread in the bathroom to keep the wet towels that have been used and need to dry. A stand-up coat rack in the bathroom can also be placed near the shower or bathtub and is used to hang clean towels to facilitate access for family members who are damp and need to be dried.

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If you are a quilter who has many quilting projects that is working simultaneously, use a quilt shelf to help keep your quilting projects organized. Place the actual quilt you are sewing on a quilt grid bar, place the most recently completed quilt on another quilt rod, and place the quilt next quilting on another quilt casting rod. Use a quilt shelf as a night beau and hang your costume planned for the next day on a quilt rack in your room before retiring at night. This will help you to be organized, will keep your clothes suitable for grabbing in the morning and your clothes will run out of wrinkles while waiting for you to get dressed in the morning.

Find a nook or space against a wall in the living room or study and place a coat stand here quilt that has Afghans or quilts back hanging from the steps. There is a certain charm and warmth to a room when using a quilt rack to provide useful storage. There are many types and styles of different medallion quilts racks and can be made of iron, wood, or other metal to complement any decor.