Ideas To Make Orange Coverlet

Orange coverlet – It’s time to talk about the fabric, there are designs of fabrics that are more convenient or not for our sewing skills if we are beginners. First we have the solid colored fabrics that being of a single color and without any pattern facilitates the construction of a Patchwork, the only details are that we must ensure that there is harmony between the chosen solid colors and that we make a good seam. The calico fabrics are those with small prints in a great diversity of colors that will give a youthful touch to the quilting. On the other hand, large-scale prints have large designs and are not recommended for making quilts with small scraps because most likely incomplete design.

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The same happens with the directional fabrics, which are those that have a stamping that goes in the same direction and are not recommended by the high level of exigency in the precision of the seam so as not to deform the trajectory point. We recommend that we look for simple fabrics but a very good quality to resist cutting and washing. If for example we choose to learn how to make a single color orange coverlet we can consider the two tone print that is the same color but combined with a lighter or darker tone. Two-tone embossing works to add texture and dimension to our creation.

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Another option is the black and white print, this is a fairly broad idea where we can choose it from pints or animal print. Before we start we will iron our fabrics on a wide table or the floor if you do not have this, in order to verify that all the edges are clean and the fabric does not have any loose thread. This process of ironing is very important as it will depend on the correct positioning of the fabric, as well as not leaving unnecessary folds of fabric in our quilt. The fabrics used, both the top and bottom must be of good quality because otherwise when we are sewing it we can drill it in excess and lose the job. We must use resistant fabrics.

After verifying all this, we are going to fix the fabric orange coverlet with the front face down in our work area for this we can help us with some plastic tape we place our chosen wadding on this fabric ensuring that there is no wrinkle left and that everything is aligned. Then pass the front of the other layer of cloth over this, equally taking care that there are no folds or wrinkles. To maintain the position of the three layers we use pins or we do a basting. A great idea is to help us with adhesive spray to avoid getting hurt with a pin.