IKEA Console Table Decor Ideas

Mar 19th
Wood IKEA Console Table
Wood IKEA Console Table

The IKEA console table for your living room is usually more decorative than practical pieces. Many people believe that their only function is to show candles, vases and other decorative elements. That does not mean that this piece of furniture is not interesting. The idea of ​​a console table comes from classical architecture. Decorate with small, short-lasting and group ornaments or gather to make an interesting cluster of color or design. This is a good strategy if your sofa is fluffy and makes people sit and relax, in which case you may not want very high, high ornaments placed on the console table. People can lean back and flip them over. For this type of sofa, shells mixed with small vases or glass ornaments look good as do the miniature easels with miniature framed artwork.

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Decorate a more formal IKEA console table with objects of different heights. Use candles of different sizes and candlesticks to bring the focus and increase the height of the room. Display plates and artwork, again on easels. It can also vary in sizes and shapes of vases and / or glass factories.

Use the IKEA console table as a coffee table assistant. Keep a mountain set on it and when space is a scarce commodity, guests can place their drinks on the sofa’s back table. Similarly, set up magazines and books on the console table to make space for the larger items you want to display on the coffee table.

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