Dining Room Lighting Fixtures That Your Family Will Adore

Sep 13th
Modern Light Fixtures For Dining Room
Modern Light Fixtures For Dining Room

Dining Room Lighting Fixtures – The room or as in many homes today, living room is a place in the house you need good dining room lighting fixtures. There you spend a lot of time with your family, so the light should be warm and friendly. Note that in the living combine many activities as: watching TV, reading, listening to music, receive friends, or just chat.

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place a lamp in the center of the ceiling and combining it with adjacent lamps allow you to use the right light for every moment to illuminate either the dining table, it is best to hang a ceiling at a height of 80 cm from the table so diners do not dazzle, but it will facilitate everyone to see the face of the speaker. It is important that the lamp is proportional to the shape and size of the table: if it is large or elongated, select twin lamps or lamp arms. As for power, you’ll need about 100 W. If you have a lamp arms uses 20 W bulbs each.
To project the lighting of the place must take into account several details: the dimensions of the room, the height, the color of the walls, the type and color of soil, type of furniture, etc. It usually takes about 20 W per square meter. You have a powerful but generally diffused light. And as it is common to have several connected areas is best to establish a common general dining room lighting fixtures and define the different areas through environmental or point light.

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A good option is recessed spotlights, although it is best not to abuse them because they can dazzle and create an impersonal and cold environment. In large rooms the ceiling lamps are gaining prominence. Classic designs are reinterpreted and new lamps experience with forms and materials blending tradition and modernity by combining materials like aluminum and porcelain with acrylic or nylon.

Ambient light:

It will help to highlight or contrast the different areas of the dining room and get a relaxing and serene atmosphere. The most common are the desk lamps. Allow optically expand the dimensions of the room, creating different environments and complete the decor. Ideally, place them on side tables or on a shelf or other service unit of the dining area, with a capacity of 40 to 60 W each. You can also choose more powerful and grading them with a dimmer lights or dimmer with which you can currently select the level of light you need.


It is suitable for specific areas as a dining room. In the first option you choose a lamp foot dirigible. The light should come from behind to avoid being dazzled. In the dining room lighting fixtures you can use wall lights, one for each body, so you must leave 12 free cm on top of the library to install.

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