Industrial Farmhouse Décor for Wedding

Jan 26th
Vintage Industrial Farmhouse Interior
Vintage Industrial Farmhouse Interior

Industrial farmhouse decor such as Jewel your guest tables with red-white checkered tablecloths or use only gingham fabric napkins. Create center from fallen tree branches and hanging votive candlesticks. Use fast-drying cement to secure the branches in a can of bucket. Cover the concrete with pieces of straw for an authentic country look. Another option is picking bunches of flowers or daisies and place in small decorative tin bucket vases. Fresh fruits and vegetables grown on the farm are arranged together in a basket with a gingham ribbon bowl giving a themed midpoint idea.

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The bride, groom and bride can wear nontraditional wedding dresses to hold the country children party theme. Instruct each marshal to wear a pair of cowboy boots and dike formal jacket for a country-inspired west. Bridesmaids can wear two horseshoes instead of a nice up-do and a more relaxed tern dress in one knee high length. The groom can choose to finish her country look with an authentic cowboy hat and the bride can wear a princess wreath ring in her hair.

Ceremony decorations

Creates a rustic wooden vault from weathered wood and decorate with pumpkins, apples and cornstalks, or use fresh flowers arranged in a wreath to drape over the top of the ceremony arch. Center the altar in front of a pasture fence and arrange guest seating on hay bales. To avoid getting the guests’ clothes dirty, place a red-white checkered cloth over the center of each ball. Line the walk with votive lights as in Mason cans surrounded by fresh flower petals and instead of traditional Pew arches, arranges two big sunflowers at the end of each ball line.

Drapery and lighting

Draper colored tulle lengths, matching the wedding colors, between each side of rural barn and over the middle support beam. Add some hanging oil lanterns at varying heights from the beams or attach to opposite sides of each child’s post. Instead of drapery, stringy long pieces of twinkle light from one side of the ladder to the other and hanging paper lights illuminate with electronic heat light from the roof rails. Caution should be observed when hanging lamps. Check the local fire regulations for regulations for use in oil lighting.

Other types of farmhouse decor are also good with a blueberry theme because blueberries originate from the farms. Old-fashioned tin milk cans, small black paintings, buckets, small counter trucks, blue and white checkered tablecloths, curtains, napkins and towels, along with cobalt blue or purple bottles and other types of rustic containers work well. Place cobalt blue bottles and other odd containers on top of the counter. Large containers like old milk cans can go in a corner of the room or on the counter, depending on size. You can fill some of the buckets with fake blueberries or paint blueberry patterns on them.

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