Installation Of Chimney Mantel

Chimney mantel – When chimney evolved into a far more efficient building room that are most important are the public hall. The Saxons who live, whether it was a Royal Court. A manor house or a low one room cottage, built around the chimney. The room can add at different stages in the life of the House. But the fireplace chimney is one of Britain’s early home life. Provides heat to cook the food, boil water and warm people. Public hall, usually on the ground floor, and is open to the roof. The fire will place in the center of the room and the smoke will slip out through the open Windows. Cracks in the roof or sometimes through a hole in the roof that was create for this purpose.

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Coal is less deserving of wood when burn in close proximity like this. But the residents have to sleep around the fire at night to keep warm. So even when you use a live coal must be very uncomfortable. Recessed fireplace with chimney mantel installed as early as the twelfth century in other rooms in the House. But in spite of the fireplace chimney center is an important part of domestic life. The chimney does not come into general use in the Hall in the Center until the beginning of the 1500 ‘s.

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Wood Chimney MantelSize: 960 x 720

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Chimney Mantel PhotosSize: 900 x 675

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Brick Chimney MantelSize: 1000 x 1000

Originally they were built solely for the purpose of assisting the smoke out of the building. But chimney mantel evolved gradually as a highly decorative architectural ornament. This decorative architectural ornament call fireplace mantels. In contrast to a one story dwelling Saxon, Norman households often put over two acts and therefore could not accommodate the Saxon method allows the smoke drifts out through the ceiling. At the beginning of the great fireplace mantels, slightly curved hoods, supported on stone corbels or jambs. The spacious fireplace chimney niche could contain a niche market in the back wall, where clay tubes or cups place. There will be enough space to hang the piece of meat, so that they can be smoke.

In the early period of Tudor, fireplace chimney mantel have evolved from large stones hanging hood, sometimes even supported by columns for a more discreet affair. There is enough area around the fire to allow a number of people huddle around heat, and sometimes benches set to fireplace for comfort. The threshold is generally a single powerful beam and the opening of the fireplace chimney is usually wide and rectangular to give sufficient dryness to oxidize. Sometimes a kitchen fireplace chimney even a rack system that is install on each side of the fireplace mantel shelf the narrow and run from the back to the front of the fireplace and use to bake bread.