Italian Kitchen Decor Idea

Nov 16th
Tuscan Curtains
Tuscan Curtains

Italian kitchen décor – Italian cookery design is often synonymous with the Tuscan style of decor. This type of design denotes a provincial styling. Emphasis is placed on textured materials and earthly colors, which are heat and counts. The theme of the design is influenced by unfinished but ornate contrasts. A Mediterranean influence all colors and textures in a Tuscan interior are combined to create a relaxed Mediterranean look.

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A Mediterranean influence

All the colors and textures of a Tuscan interior are combined to create a relaxed Mediterranean look. Therefore, images are centered on such motifs as grapes, wine bottles. Also arcade-type ceramics, bowls and jugs and scenes of small towns and vineyards. All these images can be used in the kitchen with stenciled design and in wall paintings. Create tile linings in backsplashes behind the oven and behind the sinks.

Table tops and floors for stone and tiles

Materials that work on floors as well as countertops in an Italian kitchen decorating ideas include limestone, slate, stone, granite and marble. Mosaics and tiles also work well in these two areas in an Italian order. You can create beautiful pictures in the aforementioned colors depicting such Tuscan motifs as wagons, fruit, farmhouses and bread and wine. Floors of wood, with a needy look, also complement this kind of decor.

Dried walls and ceilings

Tuscan decoration dictates that you use a textured application for your walls and ceilings. You can achieve this effect by painting walls or ceilings with any sand added to the paint. The idea here is to give these areas an antique Mediterranean feel. You can also use faux painting methods as well as lend to the pastoral, muted apple of this kind of design. For a bucolic, ru plastered look, use the faux paint kits that are available for this purpose.

Tuscan furniture and accessories

Luxury italian furniture should be somewhat bulky with an agrarian and old world feel. As a result, you can take advantage of finding a table and trust a store that will make this statement. Wrought iron lights and accessories can also be used. Include such items as wall clocks, candelabras and wine lovers in your kitchen appliances. They will add just the right pressure to such a device. In addition, you would like to add ceramic bowls, dishes and vases as well. Terracotta ceramics, which is a famous Italian pottery, is a good choice for such a kitchen. You can also expand the wrought iron theme in your choice for shelves. Include bottles filled with red wine vinegar, olive oil and dried herbs on open wrought iron shelves. Hang the cookware from metal hooks attached to the ceiling.

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