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Chimney shrouds – As for the first definition of this word is the conduit through which smoke comes from a house, a factory or a boat. It is used for the evacuation of hot gases and smoke to the atmosphere from stoves, ovens, stoves, homes, heaters, etc. Another of its meanings is: circular orifice that is in the center of the parachute that, by letting out the air very slowly, ensures its stability. Also called with this name the cannon of the chamber where it inserts the capsule in the arms that possess piston. It also means the glass tube that protects the flame from a lamp of oil or oil. It is also the medium tubular conduit of a volcano through which volcanic matter or magma comes to the surface.

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There are to be attach to the wall. But also exempt, to have a vision of the chimney shrouds by several faces. Those that have a home or insert inside keep the heat longer. Another advantage is that its heat efficiency is between 70 and 75%. They can be combine with steel and aslo cast iron. They work with firewood, but do not worry about space. Because it is usual that their designs include a large area to place it. They are recommend to warm stays of 70 to 90 m2.

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Best Chimney ShroudsSize: 1000 x 665

You may not want to heat more than a room or stay. If that is your case, bet on a foundry or steel home. They are install in the hollow of an existing or newly constructed chimney shrouds. They help to optimize up to 50% the heat that originates the fire. Cold air enters the lower grid of the coating. And is heat by contact with the hot cast iron surface of the apparatus. This air exits through the grilles installed in the hood, through the glass and the front.

In every quality appliance (high performance and double. And slow combustion) it is normal for smoke to escape from the home if it is open when it is not due. This would not be cause for complaint. But for demonstration of misuse of the apparatus. Just as no one would ever think of getting off a running car. And waiting for the vehicle to be completely stopped to descend from it. In a stove or closed fireplace we must wait for the ember to open the door and proceed to a new load.