Let’s Talk About Art Deco Architecture

Nov 19th
Stunning Art Deco Interior Design
Stunning Art Deco Interior Design

Have you heard about art deco architecture? Art Deco is a plastic current that addresses various arts and disciplines. Such as decorative arts, graphic design, industrial design, fashion, painting, sculpture and, of course, architecture. This artistic movement was show for the first time at the International Exhibition of Decorative and also Modern Industrial Arts, in 1925 in Paris. It is characterize by very define aesthetic aspects. After the International Exhibition where the beauty of Art Deco and its elegance were shown. Some buildings with this style begin to emerge in the Mexican capital in the second half of the 1920s. The building of the Alliance of Ferrocarrileros Mexicanos, of Vicente Mendiola. And the old orphanage San Antonio and Santa Isabel, of Manuel Cortina and Juan Segura, were the first buildings that were design strictly with this style.

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Characteristic details of Art Deco: Use mainly geometric shapes such as the sphere, the cube, the straight line and the zigzag, essential in their designs. Use of light rays, waves, fluids. It uses a lot of stylized and elongated animal forms. Such as panthers, herons, gazelles, in general, animals that are consider elegant. They are Abstractions of natural forms such as plants, flowers and certain vegetation are create, representing them in a geometric and surrealistic way. The furniture consider Art Deco reproduces the characteristics of the style. Such as the furniture is absolutely elegant, the corners are avoid as much as possible. And are left round, the designs are in a sense futuristic, somewhat aerodynamic. And the sensuality is part of the stroke of lines, shapes of seats, lamps and sculptures. Remember that one of the main characteristics of the Art Deco style is elegance and sophistication.

Therefore, the textures of textiles, carpets, carpets and furniture fabrics have lines that make arcs. Button patterns and seams, geometric patterns, patterns with abstract and stylized vegetable shapes, sinuous lines, and fringes on the armchairs. The introduction of industrial materials helped to consolidate this style. The metals, the gold, the bronze, the chrome, the glass and the modulation of the plastic generate textures and bright, satin, enameled, polished and elegantly striking conjugations. The furniture begin to be modulate from the Art Deco designs. Leaving separate pieces that could be join in curve edges that. If they were separate, could also work practically and aesthetically. This proposal was bold and daring. Innovative and at the same time comfortable, providing comfort and functionality in the organization of spaces.

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