Making an Potting Table

Aug 7th
White Potting Table
White Potting Table

Any solid table can be reused in a potting table for your backyard or sun room. A plastic tub fits into a hole cut to keep the soil, and can be filled with ice to keep cold drinks on the patio when not in use, so this piece of multipurpose furniture. The construction process is within the capabilities of most ‘they do it yourself. Arena table to remove any old finish. Turn down the mouth bathtub where you want it. Towards one end of the table it is best, because it leaves plenty of work space. Draw a marker line around the edge of the tub.

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Mark around the bathtub contour 1 inch inside.

Use the jigsaw to cut around this second line. Sand the front to remove it. Cut a hole in a quarter of the size of one end of the wood trim. Paint the potting table as desired, using a brush. If the table is in the sun, also apply a waterproofing layer. Finish the piece of wood cut out too.
Set the bathtub in the hole cut. Fill with soil. The cut piece of wood that are distributed in the tub protect any excess soil from the elements and the neighborhood cats. A second bath can be used potting table, filled with ice to keep cold drinks during a party on the patio.

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