Modern and Relaxed Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse

Nov 26th
Modern Farmhouse Picture
Modern Farmhouse Picture

It can be seen in home decor magazines and TV shows, laurel foundry modern farmhouse is everywhere.  Although there is no clear definition of modern farm house style. We have put together ten elements that can help you recreate this look. Flooring you choose in your home will be very important especially if you opt for modern look of a farm house. Large planks, especially for hardwood floors, will contribute perfectly to achieving desire look. Since most modern farmhouse styles are distinguish by their large open spaces. Larger boards will work much better on scale of room than if you opt for narrow oak boards or marble tiles. Shaker-style cabinets are ideal for modern farm house cooking, as they are beautifully simple. Painted in white, pale blue or sage green, accompanied by sober hardware. Shaker style cabinets will bring to kitchen touch that will perfectly complement farmhouse style in kitchen.

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Farmhouse-style sink evokes a time when sinks were use to cook, preserve and wash toddlers. And, honestly, who does not dream of going back to that time? Me yes anyway. Country style or farmhouse style sinks are large and often have an “apron”. They are simple, they are beautiful and, above all, of unequaled quality. Adding accents to your modern farm house allows your personality and personal style to shine through any space in your home. It can be fun to include metal accents such as iron, and galvanized steel. Also wire elements in a way that reflects today’s trends and vintage style. Bed frames, stools, wall art and even shelves are easy ways to arrange these metal elements your way.

One of interests of laurel foundry modern farmhouse is ability to incorporate into any room a variety of accents and furniture of rustic and industrial style. You can have a sleek leather sofa paired with cushions in soft knit or a light fabric sectional decorate with dark cushions of metallic colors or Berber inspiration. Almost everything goes with modern and relaxed farmhouse style, no matter what room you want to landscape. Remember, however, that in most cases it’s better to do more with less. In a farmhouse style room. There are comfortable sofas, well-cushioned cushions and natural textiles. Grainy old wood and deep grooves, wall decorations with vintage floral motifs, clear glass and imperfect vases, jute baskets and soft cotton blankets. These are all elements that capture essence of farm house.

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