Modern Duvet Cover Geometric To Inspire And Dream

Dictionary defines modern as what belongs to present, to present time. Thus, we find these spaces more or less eclectic, that coexists in harmony with customs of today, looking towards future. In this note I share a collection of modern duvet cover geometric to inspire and dream. From its lighter to darker tone, this room is dominated by gray and timid beige that peeks through curtains and a cushion on bed. Ideal for small spaces. Keeping palette desiderated, we incorporate details of vibrant colors to generate contrasts in specific places like carpet trim, white or decorative objects. Idea is to generate layers that add textures or dimension to setting.

Posted on December 19, 2021 Duvet Covers

A more sophisticated version of previous example. By restriction in choice of colors appeased and opposite in chromatic wheel. character and depth of space is dictated by soft textures of duvet cover geometric and curtains, velvet of lacquers and rusticity of carpet. Modern life is simple, quick and unprejudiced. Under this premise, we find key to this bedroom. When looking at setting we find lines and curves that seem to be fighting a constant battle for domain of space. Idea is to use a single element in whole space. In this way, we can hide or highlight anything we want and blur divisions. As we saw in previous graphs, presence of gray is almost mandatory.

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Duvet Cover Geometric SetSize: 1000 x 1000

This example seeks to accentuate leaden tone of walls, curtains and white by enhancing floor woods and duvet cover geometric. With white walls, light wood furniture and gray and black details. This is how Scandinavian environments are characterized. Modern touch is given by colorful picture and contemporary lines in furniture.  Skins, velvets and bright lacquers in dark and intense colors or cold white and unpolished. Detailed glam style can survive modernity when it comes to conceptual and functional. Contrast colors, textures rich in textures, geometric patterns, touches of gold and silver in design furniture.

They say that good is expensive and this style is certainly best with loose budgets. It is often found in luxury hotel suites and in dreams of many of us. In last year’s, it has been seen in catalogs of designer furniture, palatial salons laden with moldings, high ceilings and marbled homes with gold leaf mirrors coexisting with net furniture, pure geometries and strong theatrical load. This is style that wears a rich classical architectural box but that includes contemporary furniture. Definitely one of our favorites.