Modern House Architecture at a Lower Cost

Dec 23rd
Warm Modern Small House
Warm Modern Small House

Modern house architecture are directly from houses designed by architects. Originally, the modern house was reserved for an elite. Now more accessible, modern and design models compete with originality. Architects and builders have indeed more than one trick in their bag. Modern or contemporary house? If a confusion is very often made with the contemporary houses. The modern houses are however quite different. Because if we speak here of modernity, they nevertheless come from concepts dating back to the 1920s. But it is true that the two terms can be interpreter in a common way. This is the case when the “modern” is inviting in the current architecture, in other words contemporary. So you have to look for “contemporary home” to find a real model of a modern house… The modern house is, in a general way, a house whose lines are graphic.

Cubes, volumes of different sizes, with windows often. In other words, all that allows the construction to be include harmoniously in the space and to bring in the light. Added to this is modernity today, through new materials. The modern house can also incorporate other concepts quite current. A modern house can thus be a passive house, for a minimal consumption of energy. It is, in any case, in agreement with its time. As we have seen in our article on single-storey houses. These are generally a little less expensive. Of course, everything also depends on their total area and terrain. Opting for a modern single-storey house can be a good solution for a “house architect” style at a lower cost. The bungalow lends itself perfectly to this concept. Even when it is small. He can also afford to play with volumes and cubes, with the garage for example.

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Finally, a level flat roof is synonymous with modernity. Even if, paradoxically, it is possible to build a modern house with a traditional sloping roof. Just like mixing both! With the modern house, the tradition of the floors is sometimes jostled. Parts and volumes are distributed differently. In general, all the options are possible: classic levels to half-levels. Depending on its budget and the possible intervention of an architect, a large modern house gives free rein to the imagination. A row of bay windows on the ground floor, a cube offset for the night, a wooden patio: everything is possible. The choice of a modern house from a desire to stand out. The cost is often greater than for a conventional construction. In addition, depending on the model – standard or custom – prices can range from simple to quadruple. But there are good deals to make with some manufacturers.

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