Mid Century Modern Interiors To Create Modern Homes

Jul 5th
Apartment Modern Interior Decor
Apartment Modern Interior Decor

Mid century modern interiors – The wall niches can add interest to any room in your house, from a hall to a bathroom or dining room. Installed or used your wall niches to enhance the decor displaying your favorite treasures. Add to highlight special architectural detail lighting and draw attention to the items you want to display modern interior decor.
Lighting: The best type of lighting for your niche wall depends on where you are, the size, shape, and how you plan to use. Install lights or runway lights in the ceiling to point to the niche if you want to highlight the architectural design of it. Install a light built into the top of the niche if you want the focus to remain on the decor, such as if you plan to hang an expensive piece of art in space.

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Great niches:

The large niches require large pieces or decorative items are lost in open space. The niches that open upward from the ground may show a large chair or interesting, floor vase or pedestal. Large shallow niches and may show a great piece of modern interior decor art, a framed portrait or wall sculpture and intricate wrought iron chandeliers wall. The deepest niches can hold large pots, vases and sculptures. Upgrade your decor wall niche during holidays or special occasions placing a related there, like a crown of large or a small Christmas tree in December item.

Small niches:

Smaller niches are more common in bathrooms, kitchens or upper floors, on the walls in order to display smaller items. For example, a collection of porcelain or small figures would be suitable for niche kitchen or dining room. Use the niche to display a series of small photographs, a grouping of candles or your collection of goodies. Some smaller niche wall can also function as an integrated platform, providing a space to display your favorite books, your music collection or other items that you use frequently.


Draw attention to the niche wall with decorative details that attract the eye, but not to the detriment of the decorative elements that are showing in the niche. Add decorative elements around the niche, or paint the inside of the niche with tone paint darker and deeper than the rest of the wall. Alternatively, paint the niche lighter than the rest of the wall color.
Either way, a tone or a different color automatically attract attention. A custom mural adds interest and can also serve as a backdrop for a decorative element of modern interior decor such as decorative bowls or jars filled with shells, marbles or colored glass.

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