New Design Tulle Bed Skirt

Fashions in design for the home follow the fashions of clothing. The tulle bed skirt led to the edges of the pouf bed. These dusty, dusty flounces are perfect for dressing the bed in a teenager’s room. They can be a fairly flat bed skirt, met with a complete, rounded bottom edge or a cloud filled with fabric that stands out several inches from the bed. Sewing a dust flywheel, or bed skirt, to an adjustable sheet helps to hold it in place in the spring of the box. Tulle is a sheer fabric that resembles fine mesh. It comes in a wide range of colors, allowing you to find one that fits perfectly with the decor of your room.

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Decorating with tulle on a four-poster bed adds a whimsical, romantic element to the room, evoking a fair-like setting. Use one or all tulle bed skirt fabric decorating methods to create a custom four-poster bed for a princess. Measure the distance from the top of the spring frame to the ground. Fold this measurement and add 3 inches for a complete bed skirt with a small pouf. You can add up to 14 inches for a very wide skirt. This measurement will be the width of the fabric for the skirt. Cut the fabric of the skirt of the width you have calculated and 11 yards long for a double bed.

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Cut it 12 yards long for a queen bed, 13 yards long for a queen and 14 yards long for a king-size bed. Fold the fabric in half along the sides of the fabric along with the right side of the fabric out. Cut a length of tulle bed skirt linen the same length as your bed skirt and unfold it. Pick it up without hand-tightening on a long cord and place it in the crease of the fabric. Do not turn it as you gather it; you want them to blow out when you let go of it. For a very wide skirt use two or even three tulle lengths. Gather the upper edge of the skirt by the machine 5/8 inch studded from the top edge of the skirt.

Sew another row of stitch stitches in the 1/4 inch seam allowance of the first row. Pull the bobbin wires in the gather rows to pick up the bed skirt about half its original length. As you pick up the skirt, sponge the tulle bed skirt design into the skirt by pulling it towards the fabric. Place the sheet over the spring mattress and mark the top edge of the spring mattress with the stud bolts, being careful not to pinch through the upholstery fabric in the spring of the box.