Outdoor Lighting Ideas for an Independent Party

May 29th
Outdoor Party Lighting Design
outdoor party lighting design

Decorative lights like outdoor led rope lights catch people’s attention when enter to the areas that must have people looking at them, while interrupt attention from other areas that must not be noticed. A subtle hint of light adds a soft glow, while keeping most of the area surrounded by darkness. This contrast is easy to achieve, even in hard to reach areas using LED decorative lights low voltage outdoor led rope lights.

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Decorative lights are normally considered as a lighting scheme “around inside the home” but many people use them to add a personal touch to their cars, recreational vehicles and even 18-wheeler. The 12-volt battery in automobiles is perfect for feeding a rope of LED lights 12 volts. The electrical system leakage is negligible, even with several ropes attached to the cigarette lighter socket.

LED advantages

The advantages include LED bulbs rarely burn out and stay cool to the touch even when running for hours for your outdoor led rope lights. They come in a variety of colors and can operate for long periods of time without a noticeable effect on the utility bill. Large LED’s are large and bright enough to be seen about a mile (1.6 km) or more, and work very well for the Christmas lights. Smaller LED’s give it a more delicate and are often found where you want a light touch, like a Chinese cabinet.

LED Light Styles

LED accent lights come in a variety of ways, including rope lights and spotlights. Rope lights may be lights out of the rope, or wrapped in the plastic light softer style. They are available in lengths from a few feet to over 150 feet (450 cm). The approach lights are similar to the more traditional accent lighting that run counter or behind a statue or a vase.


Because 12 volt LED lights use so little electricity, must be connected to a transformer when used around the house. The power transformer converts standard 120 volt house a much smoother circuit. This allows wiring to be placed where the normal electrical wiring may not be legally or safety standards, such as within the walls. Outdoor led rope lights transformers are marked either for use outdoors or indoors, so be sure to use the proper equipment.

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