Perfect Guide Before Build Chimney Chase

Chimney chase – A fireplace chase is essentially a knock-out area of structure that hides a metal fireplace or cement blocks in a fireplace. Build chase of fireplace just like any other wall structure by placing its uprights between plates and top plates to create a large box. A header – essentially, a 2 by 4 transom – on chase front creates an opening for fireplace or insert. Sketch dimensions of chase if you do not have an architectural drawing to follow. They allow at least minimum specified by fireplace manufacturer between chase and fireplace. Your chase is likely to be at least 6 feet wide, allowing a mantel, stone front and gas line access, 2 to 3 feet deep, based on manufacturer’s specifications.

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Mark measures dimensions on ceiling of wall. Drop a plumb bob from top corners to floor and mark these points. Complement chalk lines on ceiling and floor to mark chase dimensions. Saw 2-by-4 wood to serve as cover and plates for front and sides of chase. Put on floor. Mark stud locations every 16 to 24 inches. Stack two 2 by 4 blocks on floor and measure up to ceiling chalk line to get to your pole measurements: blocks represent thickness of unique and top plates.

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Then, complete cutting posts for sides of chimney chase. Cut a header from pass between front posts above fireplace. Cut short lame asparagus – those that do not run full distance on floor – so that front between top plate and headboard. Lay pieces for front of chase on ground at narrow edges. Drive on two 16d nails to attach complete poles to top and single plates. Key header to specified height of manufacturer above sole. Clavo lame tacos between header and top plate. Create sides of chase by nailing cover and plates to long studs in each place you marked earlier.

And then, raise front of chase in place with help of an assistant if necessary. Then, check that chase is lead with one level. top plate to ceiling beams through each nail stud bay. Nail sole to each floor joist. Increase sides of chase in place, check level then nail into place. Have your fireplace installer create a block of fire at top of chase with 3/4 inch plywood as part of fireplace installation. Cover chimney chase, after installing fireplace. With OSB or 1/2 inch plywood to allow sufficient reinforcement for your finish, especially if you plan to add heavy stone cladding.