Perfect Ocean Quilts With Colors And Details

Earthy tones, like browns and blues, come to mind when thinking of a themed ocean quilts. Build your ocean-inspired bedroom around something as simple as a brown quilt. One of the advantages of a plain brown cover is being able to update the appearance of the room later without having to buy new bedding. Incorporate the rest of the room with colors and details that will visually transport you to your favorite beach every time you enter your bedroom. Paint the walls light blue, aqua, cream or sea foam. The light colors provide a soft bottom for the brown quilt while creating a space impregnated with colors reminiscent of the ocean.

Posted on October 29, 2021 Quilts

Choose furniture that works with an ocean theme and stands out from the brown cover. Dress up the brown quilt with lighter and brighter cushions, a rug and curtains. Stack coral, sea foam or aqua pillows on the bed and add a game shot on the foot of the bed. A lighter carpet along the sides or feet of the bed in the same colors is another option. Blue and brown striped curtains and blinds work with the ocean theme and bring together the other colors.

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One option is to choose ocean quilts and window clothes that feature whimsical ocean creatures. Another option is to choose plain colored clothes that correspond to the appearance of the space. White sheets and a turquoise blue or pale blue and quilt work with this look. Hang shell frames, framed shell mirrors or ocean images on the walls. Use frames in the same shade of brown or install floating brown shelves to hold clear vases or jars filled with sand and shells. Accessorize the room with shells, plants, candles or ocean photographs. Models of miniature boats inside bottles, wood with your name, or novelty palm tree knobs on your dresser are ideas, depending on the appearance of the room.

To completed ocean quilts theme, you can place a novelty rug in the form of sea creature or an area of ​​carpet colored sand from the fluff on the floor. Paint a blue toy box and place the fish tags on it. Hang tags of fish and other sea creatures on the walls. Hang a mobile over the cradle that has fish or other aquatic life. Framing the images of the real ocean animals and hanging them on the walls. Accent the rocker or glider with a starfish pillow. Fill the shelves with picture books on the ocean.