Placing Exterior Wall Sconce Lights

Sep 2nd
Exterior Wall Sconce Lighting
exterior wall sconce lighting

Exterior wall sconce lights can provide an attractive to you at night and help keep this a safe and patio. Where to put these lights will depend on several factors, including the availability of energy and the design of the front of your house with exterior wall sconce.

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Exterior Wall Sconce Lights

Select the wall you want to place the external lights. Typical locations include the front door area, garage doors, and the prominent architectural elements such as a window or by a colonnade for accent lighting.

Choose the type of exterior wall accessory you want. The type of exterior wall sconce will determine your placement. For example, a beacon of safety can be placed high in a corner of the wall to give lights the maximum area, when the decorative sconces should flank the door and become one side with the top of the door frame.

Verify the power supply. If you’re replacing the existing exterior wall accessories, wiring will be present, but if you install an accessory to a new location, it may not be. You may have to hire an electrician to run wires and install a junction box to fit your new accessory.

Measure carefully to locate the ideal position of the device. You can choose to align with an architectural element such as a door or window jamb, or simply rely on your sense of proportion to choose the right place. Ask someone to hold the device in place so you can go back and check the placement before installing the appliance.

Tips and Warnings

Place above eye level to avoid glare accessories and consider directional lighting for greater control. Install accessories fitted to the surface of the wall and caulk around the edges to make them waterproof. Hire a qualified electrician to perform any electrical work to prevent injury or damage to your house electrician. Turn the lamps off before removing or installing exterior wall sconce fixtures.

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