Placing Pendant Lights for a Kitchen Island

Oct 19th
Pendant Lighting Adapters Kitchen
Pendant Lighting Adapters Kitchen

Pendant Lights for Kitchens – The pendant lights are a great lighting option for your kitchen island. If you have decided to place a few pieces to play, keep in mind that this type of accessories should primarily be functional and properly illuminate the area of food preparation and service. They should also have style, because the nature of the hanging lamps, unlike ordinary lighting ceiling, is attracting attention.

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The placement of a hanging lamp are mainly based on the height of your kitchen island, but consider that some islands have more than one level, such as those with an attached breakfast nook. In this case, it is best that you consider the height is greater to pendant lights for kitchens.

Pendant Lights for Kitchens

Measure your island height and then divide that amount half to find the measurement to the center. Place a line of tape along the length of your island right at this point (the center). Want each lamp is located on this line. Decide the length of your counter based on the number of pendant lights for kitchens you want. Place a piece of tape across the longest to mark where each light will go online. The amount of lights you will need depends on the size of your island and how high the hang up, but generally two or three pieces is suitable for most of the islands.

Climb a ladder until you reach the ceiling right above your island. Tie a washer on the end of a piece of string to add weight so it hangs straight and then place it so that it falls directly on an intersection where the center line is a piece of tape to mark the position of a lamp. Cut the string and paste it into the ceiling. Repeat this process for each lamp.

It measures 28 inches (72 cm) above the countertop of the island along a string, if your island is 2 feet (60 cm) deep or less. If you have more than 2 feet deep (60 cm), then measured 32 inches (81.28 cm) above the countertop. Cut the rope at this point and hit tape on the end. This is where the bottom will light. Repeat this procedure for each string.

Move around the island as you would if you were cooking. If you notice that the pieces of tape on the ends of the ropes or distract you in your way, cut the strings so they are a little higher. Place the pendant lights in the appropriate positions. Remove the strings and tape counter your pendant lights for kitchens island.

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