Plastic Underbed Storage Drawers Create More Space

Sometimes when confronted with lack of space and clutter you might not even realize the wealth of space you have right under your bed. When you do notice all this unused space and give it much further thought, you might think you could go for wooden underbed storage drawers mainly for the purpose of matching the type of wood the bed is and it would be really cool oak, pine, or some antique piece of wood. What you possibly might not realize is that a place under the bed like this can be a breeding ground for dust mites, termites, spiders and other unwanted insects. The wood needs to be meticulously taken care of and treated with a regular application of polish and insecticide to ward off pesky household insects.

Posted on August 14, 2022 Interior Ideas

So what do you do? The next best thing to do then would either be to leave the under bed space alone, making it easier to clean, or to use plastic underbed storage drawers instead. Many people prefer the latter and the higher the bed is off the ground, the better. They don’t want to waste all that space especially when they have all kinds of stuff scattered around throughout their homes, needing every inch of storage space to clear the clutter and get better organized. Plastic underbed storage drawers, though not as elegant and classy as full wooden drawers, can be more efficient, utilitarian and healthy. They require little cleaning and maintenance. With just a damp cloth, they can already be cleaned and sanitized, making sure that the stuff stored inside are perfectly clean, safe and organized.

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Also come underbed storage drawers with wheels for easy rolling and handling. People that are worried about whether a certain storage tube will fit under the bed perfectly without much hassle don’t really have to because they make risers that are easy to lift a bed frame up to four inches at a time. But for those who already have the wooden drawers under their bed and still want to make sure that their garments and ornaments are safely tucked inside and away from termites and other insects, there are smaller plastic tubs or carts they can use, which can fit inside these wooden drawers. It is best to store seasonal items in these kinds of storage, items like Christmas decorations and Halloween costumes are perfect. The use of plastic storage with locking lids and rollers will ensure the storage is properly closed so people can and do feel comfortable that their belongings will stay safe and secure under the bed.