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Pantry closet ideas – separate food by groups, put before it what expires before and below the most bulky … Take note of how to organize it. The idea is to have a separate cabinet as a pantry. It is not necessary to be in the kitchen, but in a cool place without direct sunlight. With shelves and cupboards.  It is practical to have a sheltered area, to see what you use most, and another closed. If you can, organize the distance between shelves based on their content. Put the basic foodstuffs that you use most (pasta, rice …) in the most accessible shelves and in the more distant ones those of more sporadic consumption.

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Take advantage of its surface as a breakfast area with a coffee maker and a juicer and a tray to have juices and sweets handy. Also for a magnetic board with the shopping list. The heaviest and bulky, such as water bottles, oils and cans, as well as some surplus commodities (legumes, rice …). It is also a good place for potatoes or onions that do not need a fridge. Classify the products by type, it will facilitate the order and, in addition, will help you to optimize the space inside the shelves. You can use metal containers for soft drinks and a wooden box for milk bottles.

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When do they expire? In most non-fresh products, the date of preferential consumption is indicate rather than the expiry date. Control the dates in your pantry closet ideas from time to time. Canned and open sauces are stored in the refrigerator, while flours, pastas or dried vegetables can go in hermetic containers to the pantry. Basic foods such as rice, pasta, legumes, flour … They are inexpensive, they have a very long period of consumption whenever the package is not open (up to two years in the case of rice) and allow you to prepare many recipes.

Both sweets and salads, you can have them in the pantry up to a year from the date of purchase. If you find some swollen can, throw it out. As it may be an indicator that the canned is in poor condition. In pantry closet ideas it is very important to have a floor that can be easy to clean. Spills occur and you do not want to get on your knees and scrub the floor. Linoleum is a great material that can be used for the floor, and also wood. Do not use carpeting.