Refinishing Industrial Dining Table

Dec 8th
Traditional Industrial Dining Table
Traditional Industrial Dining Table

Industrial Dining Table – Painting a dining table can be a work-intensive, time-consuming job, depending on the amount of paint or stain on the original table. What is good lacquering a dining table is that it can be done in your spare time. Due to the chemicals used with repainting, you should fill in this project in a covered, but ventilated outside area.

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Clean the Industrial Dining Table. Make sure there is no dust or spider web on the table. Lay out a thick layer of newspapers across the work surface, as stripping will pass through a thin layer and destroy the floor. Set the table in the middle of the newspapers. Paint a thick coating of Stripes over a two-foot section of the table. Allow Stripes to stand for a few minutes, and then gently scrape old paint or stains from the table. Continue to work this way until the entire table is stripped. You will not get all the color or stain away on the first go-round.

Post another thick layer of the magazine. Move the Industrial Dining Table to the clean paper. Roll and throw the old newspapers. Paint the table with another weapon Stripes, with particular regard to tracks and places where the original color was difficult to get rid of. Go over areas with steel wool and scrapers; be sure not to push out the table. Repeat this step until all the old color or bets are removed from the table. Go over the table with a fine slip paper to remove any grooves and scratches. Make sure all areas are smooth in your hand. Vacuum the table (or use a fan if you are outside) to get rid of all dirt dust.

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