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Jan 31st
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Wood Prefab Home Kits

Prefab barn homes porch can be upgraded to enhance the overall look of the house. Make the job easier by buying ready-made racks and posts. Buy or build new wooden stairs or concrete steps to upgrade the look as well. Look at other porches in your neighborhood to get ideas and refer to home design books. Your goal should be to increase the sidewalk appeal of your home and add home market value. A ranch house can have a closed porch, but most are designed with an open feel with poles and rails.

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Repair the floor surface porch before changing anything. Fix cracks in concrete or repair gaps to get a smooth surface. Change the wooden deck on the porch floor is made of wood. Draw sketches of the design you have chosen to upgrade your porch. Include all the balusters that make up the porch rails, drawn to scale with the rest of your house. Add designer posts that are round columns or square columns, usually with eight feet of space in between. Draw your porch design on checked paper. Use a space of squared paper to represent six inches of real space. Do not change the roof of the porch if it fits your house well.

Hire a carpenter to handle structural changes. For example, it’s hard to pull out old posts without cracking porch structure. Does a carpenter help spot adjustable metal posts to keep the porch weight while changing fixed services? Install sections of the finished rack between the posts. Buy a high quality section of handrails with balusters that match your home architecture. Having a carpenter helps you cut the exact length of each section of railing, because mistakes can be costly. Use 3-inch stainless steel screws with flat head to secure rails to porch posts or directly to other frames. Spike the exterior-grade list around the roof surfaces in your porch to give an exclusive look.

Add a gate to enclose the porch if you have small children or pets. The gate secures the area for personal use. Create a secure lock to ensure that children will not leave the area. Consider installing indoor-outdoor carpets to make a children’s playground on the veranda. Paint the porch with a fresh layer of paint. Use semi-gloss or high gloss, only external quality paint. Switch to new luminaires in the porch to enhance the appearance. Add a light pole light on the front steps of the porch if this fits your architecture. Install small evergreen shrubs around the perimeter of the veranda to improve conversion.

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