Replace Old Brick Chimney Toppers

Chimney Toppers – Old brick fireplaces add a focal point to the roof line of historic homes, reminding passersby of an era where every home is heated with wood or charcoal fires. With the invention of the central heat and air, however, many of these old chimneys have fallen into disuse and poor condition. Often, when old houses are re-roofed, abandoned fireplaces are removed to a point just below the roof of the attic. This creates a problem for the owner who wants to build in the attic space. Inspect the chimney and attic floor structure with the help of a qualified building professional such as experienced engineer, architect or builder.

Posted on March 12, 2022 Chimney

Confirm that it is appropriate to remove the chimney toppers and determine the best point for the demolition, based on how you complete the attic floor and how to stop the chimney will remain intact under the floor. Wearing a respirator and glasses, enter the attic. Measure the distance between the fireplace and the nearest ventilation or window. Measure the diameter of the chimney. If there is no width or window, you will have to remove the bricks through the access of the attic. Measure from the fireplace to the attic access in place. Re-enter the attic with a pocket full of screws and an electric screwdriver in the trailer. Have someone under the attic hand that you pull out of wood one at a time.

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Screw the attic floor to create a walkway for ventilation or attic access. This is where you’ll be dumping the bricks out of the chimney toppers as you take it off. Run an additional strip of plywood around the fireplace for added security. Lay a tarpaulin on the ground where the bricks will land if you can remove them directly outwards. Tie a sturdy rope long enough to reach your floor assistants below, for each 3-gallon bucket if there is no proper opening in the outside loft. Pick any loose chimney caps bricks with your hands. Remove the other old bricks by jumping out of the mortar. Using an electric jumping gun or a hammer and chisel.

Try to avoid hit the brick faces if you are going to reuse the chimney toppers bricks. Remove the bricks come loose and placing them in the buckets. Try not to overfill the buckets they get heavy fast. Walk the cubes open close and throw the bricks on the canvas or lower the cubes to a friend then using the rope. Continue to remove bricks until the fireplace is level with the beams. Break any clay fireplace lining (fireplace tiles) with the hammer or jump the gun.