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Jan 22nd
Ideas Rustic Farmhouse Style Home Decor
Ideas Rustic Farmhouse Style Home Decor

Farmhouse style kitchen – Modern farm style is a big influence in the kitchen right now. HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” drives this warm and inviting look of the kitchen in a big way. To achieve this style, it’s important to start with the must-have items before you get your own creative touches. When you nail the foundation of modern farm style, you can customize it with your own color palette. Below are describing some simple tips to add your own colorful accents while keeping a relaxed and rustic feel.

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Modern farmhouse kitchen decor ideas must-have rustic architectural features. Like open beams, wooden floors and unfinished robes are the most recognizable elements of the modern farmhouse. Also white or light neutral colors are the most common palette. Furniture is often artistically created or designed with a craft-like look. Lighting should be the most modern element in the room, using slippery metals.

  1. Start with colorful cabinets

White and triangular cabinets are still popular, but more colorful alternatives like gray and navy storm the scene. These colors can anchor your modern farmhouse kitchen. Two-toned cabinets, usually white over gray or navy blue, create interest in a kitchen that lacks architectural features.

  1. Glass cabinet doors reveal a pop of color

A smart way to add color to your kitchen is by painting the inside of your kitchen cabinets. So that the color can look out of the glass doors. You can also use this color pen in the back of shelves or bookshelves. Muted neutral and pastel colors are a natural fit for rustic decoration, especially in cabinets and shelves.

  1. Add color with tile coating

The most popular tiles for modern farmhouses are white or gray. Historically, subway tiles and chevron patterns – usually in neutral colors – have dominated backsplash designs. After many years of white and neutral cuisine, cement slides and floor tiles with colorful patterns are a growing trend that sets color back in the kitchen.

  1. Mix your metal fittings

Satin brass, copper and bronze luminaries are not only welcome in a modern farmhouse kitchen. But mixing and matching them creates a custom look without adding a lot of color. Your kitchen faucet is the most prominent metal feature at the eye leve. So choose one that fits your backsplash and counters. Lighting is also a great place to mix and match metals, as it is essential for the entire farmhouse kitchen decorating. The end.

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