Simple Bedside Shelves On The Bed

Bedside shelves – Today we talk about an alternative to decorate the main wall of the bed. Entering into an approach that will delight the lovers of relaxing bedrooms. For those who seek to lighten the rest area of ​​tables, furniture and sideboards, banishing the alarm clock, the mobile and any electronic device that prevents a complete disconnection. To do this, we will clear our horizon of distractions, decorating on the level of the bed, and not next to it, using one or more shelves on the bed. We can place them at the height of the headboard or a larger one if we are in favor of reading in bed. Choose a floating shelf of a medium depth, not too wide to avoid a great contrast with the wall, the idea is to almost mime with it, thus avoiding “morning hurricanes.”

Posted on March 6, 2022 Bedside

In it we can put pictures, books, toys of the smallest and other decorative objects. But, perhaps, we worry about the stability of these; No problem, today, and thanks to the influence of Scandinavian design. We have bedside shelves with L-shaped, whose front retains our pictures. And sheets of any possible slip, keeping everything in good stead. The lighter option that will give an air of peace to your bedroom is undoubtedly a single thin. And elongated shelf that runs from side to side the wall and frames the bed as a headboard. But in a much more simple, with a simple shelf on the bed.  If you want to crown our bed without leaving much space to the main wall. Then choose a short shelf and decorate it with a large sheet, a couple of photos, a plant or a typographic poster. Light elements that harmonize very well together.

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Why locate two shelves totally symmetrical? If you want to bring dynamism to set install each bedside shelves by making them depart from farthest point of bed (coinciding with wall). So that they match each other at their midpoints. Thus avoiding possible visual rigidity of Two parallel shelves. And place them, apparently, in a spontaneous way that fit equally in harmony. Shelf-module for book, this type of box system frames bed rather than headboard itself. It brings character and makes it clear that it is a bedroom for addicts to reading. Where they can locate their mini library of essential close to bed. Aesthetically, floating shelves offer a cleaner result. But if you’re looking for a more rustic, Boho. Or Industrial look, L- shaped profiles or anchor brackets will be key to getting those styles.