Smart Ideas Ultra Modern House Plans

Nov 29th
Wonderful Ultra Modern House
Wonderful Ultra Modern House

Ultra modern house plans – The ultra modern style is famous for its spare, elegant, and minimalist look, as well as for its dramatic impact. Ultra modern decor tends to find its expression in a limited, elegant color palette, shiny surfaces and accessories, as well as in clean, Stark forms. The greater amount of focus on air and negative space, since it is in clean lines and bright textures, decoration in ultra modern style can make a profound statement in any home.

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Nothing says ultra modern like the color of dramatic walls in high gloss paints, and mirror or metallic tiles. Modern walls tend to appear with vibrant primary colors, while ultra modern house plans color schemes are often built around black, white or gray palettes. For the adventurous, try a black accent wall or use painter’s tape to create geometric patterns on the wall. Make an equally dramatic impact by layers of white on white or black on black. Bright whites are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, and work very well with subtle glass tiles in water shades that really stand out when used with shiny metals and clean surfaces.

Ultra modern house plans furniture is often a combination of ends, coming in shapes that range from curved and organic to sharpen and geometric. Sofas and beds dominate their respective rooms, and are sleek and minimalist, often large in size for impact, and come in a wide range of geometric shapes or out of the ordinary. Chairs continue with this feeling, either in sinuous or marked forms, or in styles such as turn, square, or ball designs. The boards are Stark and clean, all about the texture, be it chrome, glass or polished wood.

For the modern design house, the surfaces really count. In bedrooms and living rooms, surfaces range from bright walls to glossy furniture, while in kitchens and bathrooms, they are in felt, smooth flat cabinets and countertops, or just a touch of brushed metal hardware in drawers and cabinets. The substrate must be fresh, elegant and clean, with white, black or gray subjects for counters and dashboards (and without the nuisance counter of any kind). Carpets and surfaces should be spare, minimal, and clear, with only a few striking accent pieces for impact. Accent your modern design home with table lamps and lamps that are elegant and simple in design, as well as accent tables and coffee in chrome, glass or steel.

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