Smart Standalone Pantry Kitchen Organizer

Standalone pantry – Hi guys! Today we are going to create a small pantry in one of the cabinets of our kitchen to have everything tidy. I know it’s not the same as having huge kitchen kitchens where you almost seem to have the supermarket at home. If you have a large family you know what I’m talking about! In our case, as the vast majority live in smaller flats or houses. It is more practical to have everything in the kitchen than in the garage or the storage room. Don’t you think?

Posted on November 18, 2021 Pantry

The key to having a good pantry in one of the cabinets in our kitchen is to reduce the different formats to the maximum to unify it in our own system. Vertical and horizontal tappers of the same family as this tapper ware are fantastic. But you also have them in Ikea. In this way, all solid powder products such as coffee, cola or flour. They will be placed in smaller containers that allow us to take them by hand. And, with its opening, choose whether to use the spoon or the dispenser itself.

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For legumes, pasta and cereals the best are the long containers that. Although they seem to juice, manufacturers have been quick to create openings to facilitate their preservation and use. Liquids are best stored in their original container. If you have space, or s recommend having 3 juices, milk, soda or whatever you want. And the rest in the garage or in the storage room. First, because if you take a pair of them there is always a spare third that. Whoever picks it, will have to go for another three. If we get use we will always have everything in the kitchen standalone pantry. Second, because having the pack of 6 bottles or tetra bricks of milk cluttering when what precisely we lack space is a waste that we cannot afford!

Finally, goodies like chocolates, biscuits, sweets and other. I recommend to place them out of the reach of sweet tooths since when hunger presses the easiest is to pick up the jar and start to devour the cookies. And if you do not see them and are less at hand. At least you’ll have it harder to succumb to temptation! If we are those of us who use three stoves at a time to cook while we chop onion. And we catch up on the news on television. Better to have a standalone pantry that with elongating hand find what we are looking for!