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Glass subway tile backsplash is rectangular in shape and their typical dimensions are 3 – by – 6 – inches, although some owners opt for 4 by 12 inches. The size of the latter is used on a larger board. These tiles come in ceramic and glass. Glass has a brighter finish while the ceramic has a more matte appearance. Subway tiles were not traditionally used in homes but, in the metro system and transit in Manhattan. A modern take on tiles, however, uses 1-inch by 1-inch tiles that recall the original subway motif for a board, although custom tiles come in a variety of sizes.

Posted on September 16, 2021 Interior

Rectangular subway tiles are frequently installed in a bonus run or off-set pattern. They come in various materials, including glass, and are often used in kitchen subway tile backsplash installation. Because the joint pattern in execution requires medium tiles at each end of a tile run, multiple cuts are required for installation. When cutting the tiles from the glass subway, always use a wet tile saw that has been fitted with an embedded diamond blade. This will minimize chipping on the surface of the glass. Create a plan design pattern by placing a red, black and white accent tile on a glass backsplash of tiles traditionally classify in clear glass.

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Create the reverse effect tiles by adding ceramic tile tiles alone in dark shades of teal, purple and orange smaller patterns to a board that is predominant in the form of 1 inch by 1 inch. Retro kitchens, full of chrome and plastic charm, need glass tiles for backsplash with definitive retro flavor. Place a square of pink and orange meter tiles in the middle of a green ceramic board on the smaller sized tile. Alternative color options include lime green and yellow meter tiles on a pink glass tile background. Give your kitchen a taste of exotic island life using accent glass tiles to break an orange marble and teal board. Bright colors such as orange and teal emit Caribbean tones and flavor.

Brown and orange paired together also achieve this style goal. Leave enough space in a brown tile ceramic 4×4 glass tile backsplash meter tiles in orange and gold placed in a diagonal pattern. This style pattern works well on a large board as you need the largest surface for laying the tiles. Place the subway tiles on the countertop in the kitchen in front of the back wall area to determine the pattern of the installation. Mark each tile that should be cut with a grease pencil to indicate when the cut should be placed.