Spanish Style Kitchen Decor Ideas

Jan 12th
Traditional Spanish Kitchen
Traditional Spanish Kitchen

Spanish style kitchen – Casual and eclectic, the Spanish style can be recreated in your kitchen paying close attention to color and textures. This charming style creates a warm atmosphere that attracts people. Spanish style kitchens include a lot of natural materials such as wood, stone, terracotta, iron and ceramic. Templates and building materials can be found at local handicraft stores, second-hand stores and city updates. Create a Spanish style in your kitchen with paint. Cover the entire room with deep reds, oranges, deep burnt yellows and turquoise or bright blue. These traditional colors of the Mediterranean can you combine with neutral or lighter shades. Alternatively, one of the walls can you paint in a bold color leaving the rest neutral. If painting is not an option, cover the windows with a bold colored fabric. Or add the bright carpets and choose the accessories that make the room pop.

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Natural materials are common in Spanish style kitchen style. Alter wood cabinets by staining or worrying. Use the templates directly on the doors of the cabinets as an accent. The doors of the cabinets can removed completely in order to show the colorful dishes. If you go this route, line the shelves and add the trim to the edges of the shelves. The floors can be made of stone, brick or wood. The choice of floors must be rustic and well lived. Add tile accents through your Spanish-style kitchen. The tiles can border a counter, or be incorporate into the back-splash or become a floor or wall mural tile.

Fill the Spanish style kitchen with colorful accessories. Iron pieces such as chandeliers, wall rolls, ornate crosses or picture frames can be hung in the kitchen. Grow herbs on the window sill and hang strings of herbs, pepper or other vegetable garlands. Choose the appliances to fit the theme. Look for blenders, toasters, coffee makers in the blender and saturate colors such as red, blue or bright yellow. Baskets, flowers and lots of bowls can bring a homely. Add a tile feature to your kitchen space. Ceramic tiles in warm colors and patterns of fun are a basic element of Spanish design.

A kitchen is the perfect place to incorporate this feature in countertops, back wall splashes, furniture or even accessories. Scrap tiles can purchase at hardware stores or hobby stores at low cost. And arranged in fun, eye-catching designs. Spanish-style accessories are the final touch to complete your authentic Spanish-style cuisine. Try to incorporate iron work, such as rolls of walls, furniture or even picture frames. Ceramics, such as ceramics, crockery or tiles are also an important feature in Spanish design. For the budget buyer, try to hunt through garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores and even advertisements for unique, inexpensive pieces.

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