Studio Apartment Design: Make It Nice and Comfortable!

Jan 9th
Wall Studio Apartment
Wall Studio Apartment

Studio apartment design – your apartment is a little small and you tear your hair to make it a nice and comfortable place? So if even storing any nickel, you cannot fit all your belongings, nor to find 1 square meter to install a corner office … Do not panic! Above all, do not take out the big club to knock down the walls. Before having tested other solutions! In this article, I give you 10 tips that will allow you to optimize the layout of a studio or visually enlarge the rooms of your apartment … But before returning immediately to the heart of the matter. I invite you to take a little height. When the lack of space and comfort is felt daily, or a feeling of suffocation seizes you when you wake up. It’s urgent!

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Obviously, your apartment has gradually turn into a storage room in which there is no living space left. So, above all, do not wait until the nights of peaceful and restful sleep are nonexistent. Or that your daily life turns into a nightmare to get you start. When you think it’s time to get down to business, get in touch with the layout of your studio … And offer a few virtual square meters to your rooms too tight. We are often undecided by all the choices we have. You will notice that very often, we stumble on an “I want but I do not know” … Initially, we struggle to define our project. Then we find ourselves quickly stuck. While some will try to solve the problem quickly, by repainting all the walls in white…

Others will bet on the recovery of furniture to add storage. When their budget is limited … Only, often poorly arranged. These furniture will ultimately reduce their living space. In short, it’s good to want to do it yourself. Quickly, but without a leader, it is difficult to achieve its goal! Take the case of this project, which illustrates the fact that white is not everything … It brings clarity and gives the impression of a larger piece! On the other hand, the must is also this ingenious arrangement with a system of “space saving bed”. By using the height under ceiling, a second bed could thus be fixed on the 2 sides of walls. The addition of large storage drawers under the bottom bed also saves significant space. These last tricks made it possible to recover real m2 while white. It plays its role of impression of space.

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