Swimming Pool Solar Heating System

Jun 28th
Swimming Pool Solar Panels
Swimming Pool Solar Panels

Swimming pool solar heating is one way to enjoy your pool even though the weather is cold. It really sucks when you can not swim after summer passed. The heating system is a way out of this classic problem. By using heat pumps, gas heaters, or solar heating system, you and your family (especially your kids) can enjoy the pool anytime all year round.

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Swimming pool solar heating is basically utilizing free energy from the sun and transferring it to your pool to keep the water warm. This is the most cost-effective heating system compared with heat pumps or gas heaters because the source of heat is free and there are no operating costs as long as you use it. Not to mention the environmentally friendly source of power that reduce the swimming pool’s carbon footprint. You can install solar heating system by yourself using common materials anyone could get, or hire a professional crew to install the solar pool heating system from manufacturer.

Do-It-Yourself project would require less cost, but you have to master the basic techniques of making solar collector. But don’t worry, you will find a lot of DIY instructions from the internet. The bloggers will explain the materials you need such as plywood for the collector box, glass, copper tube, vinyl solar panels, pipe, valve, etc. They also include step-by-step photos so you can understand the whole process.

Swimming pool solar heating system works by collecting the heat through a panel. They’re generally installed on the roof, but can be placed anywhere at a 45˚ angle near the pool. Using the pump, pool water runs through the panel or solar collectors, which heats the water by the sun’s energy then returns it back to the pool to repeat the cycle until the water has been warmed by the sun. So, are you ready to extend the swimming season?

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