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Having Fun With The Patch Quilts

Patch Quilts – Take that active energy and make a mad patch quilt. If you have never done this kind of quilting start with building one block. Do you recognize what a crazy patch quilt does? It is an original, no guide, make any form you want the quilt. Excellent for people that want to build a senseless, no rules, free creative idea. There is no right or wrong. Guess what? It turns out wonderful. It will be the quilt for a day that full of fun.

Patch quilts designs of every kind can be used. This quilt is an artwork which can appropriate any scraps you have in your fabric case. Mix all fabric kinds and textures, mix muted colors or light colors, and play with prints, stripes, and freshness fabrics. Choose your colors by light, medium, and dark. Materials can be wool, cotton, satin, velvet, sheers, netting, ribbons, suede, leather, and any other materials you have possible.

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Patch Quilts PicturesSize: 1600 x 1200

Cut your patch quilts pattern ideas into desired shapes of rectangles, petals, hearts, triangles, octagons, hexagons, as well as unique shapes. Connect the different parts using the standard 1/4 inch stitching quantity. Are you getting the giggles or starting to laugh? For safety and guidance place these different cuts on a bottom square of fabric. Some people use muslin, some use felt, and some of them use cotton. Use whatever fabric satisfies you.

After all of the parts have been joined together, take a quilters’ square ruler, or do your own square which measures the same as the bottom fabric and cut away excess material so both the top and the base are the same size. Go crazy with decorations. This is your time to enhance the icing on the cake. Use all kind of sewing things. These items are not only enhancing the whole block but they are also covering shown seams or errors. Are you still laughing and having a good time?

Use your vision, look at your fabric stash and your thought will fly with all you can do with the patch quilts patterns. After the block has been created, attach decorations, batting, and backing and finish it the same idea you would do any quilt. If using for a wall hanging attach a rod and clips for it. Or you may want to construct a picture or position in a shadow box or use it to cover a hideous instrument. Calling your loved ones over to enjoy designing and sewing a crazy patch quilt for a day will be a pleasant and fun day.