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Under Stairs Storage: It’s Very Simple

The stairs usually leave a suitable space to take advantage of as under stairs storage. The options are many and in this special we present decoration ideas to take advantage of those cubic meters that are usually lost if you do not take advantage. In this special we collect several ideas of storage for all those who are thinking of taking advantage of the hollow of the stairs. Drawers, cabinets and hollows to store a great amount of clothes or objects that can get you out of a hurry in order to put furniture Not all homes have stairs inside, of course … However, those who do have them should consider them as a potential storage space , which is probably wasted.

You can get performance in different ways and we prove it to you. The stairs exploited as shelves or bookcases are a fantastic storage solution. Depending on how the staircase is, you may need to make custom furniture, but it is worth it, especially if you are short of space in the house. The main observation that you must do is, if the staircase has a recess with bottom in which to fit a piece of furniture in half or if, on the contrary, it should be attached to the side of the wall.

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Under Stairs Storage OakSize: 1000 x 1069

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The different steps of a ladder can become drawers, for example. It is a brilliant idea to gain under stairs storage space, accessible and imperceptible to the eye. That is, it does not alter the decoration of the home. In this example, drawers have been used as a shoemaker, Do you like the idea? In this other example, it has been chosen to take advantage of the hole under the stairs  to locate a small cabinet with doors. It is the typical hanger with cobbler that is placed in the receivers, but hidden behind a door and under the stairs. A tailor-made and very simple job for a professional carpenter!

A hidden dressing room idea is similar to the previous one, but it has been conceived like a visitor hidden under the stairs. The doors have a system of rails that, when pulling them, leaves a removable closet with its hanger and shoe rack. A marvel! Where to keep the bike has always been a dilemma for cyclists living on small flats, for example. But sometimes the problem is not even the lack of space, but the comfort of being able to have the bike on hand whenever you want. One possible solution is to hang it under stairs storage ideas, as you see in the image. How about?