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How To Care For Your Aqua Quilts

A aqua quilts is something that can pass from one generation to the other in family and can be one of the most cherished heirlooms. Irrespective of whether the aqua quilts is antique or new, we need to take as much care as possible and make sure that it is in an absolutely perfect condition. All aqua quilts need to be cleaned at times, washing an aqua quilts in the washing machine is a good option. We need to set the controls to a delicate /gentle cycle and use a mild detergent and let the aqua quilts agitate for two minutes before soaking it for ten minutes. The aqua quilts has to be agitated again and then we need to set the machine controls to spin cycle to let the water drain from the aqua quilts.

After washing aqua quilts, we need to lay it down on towels and wait for 24 hours for the aqua quilts to dry. Aqua quilts can also be hand-washed by placing them in a bath-tub and cleaning them with warm water and very small quantity of soap. Any stains on the aqua quilts should be washed immediately with cool water and a clean white terry cloth and a very mild stain remover should be used if found necessary. If we decide to display our aqua quilts on the wall, then we use a good quality aqua quilts hanger that is capable of supporting the weight of the aqua quilts, otherwise it might result in fiber damage and even breakage.

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If our aqua quilts remains folded most of the time, then we need to refold it every few months to make sure that permanent crease lines and stress points do not appear on the aqua quilts. We also should store it in a cool place as sunlight is known to have a fading effect on colors. If the aqua quilt is stored in damp or humid conditions, then the fiber might rot. Aqua quilts should be stored at a place that is around 65-75°F. WE should never store our aqua quilts in places that do not have proper ventilation. We should also never stack aqua quilts one top of each other because the stress on each aqua quilts increases giving rise to crease lines. Aqua quilts should also never be wrapped in plastics because the vapors from the fabrics can cause the aqua quilts fabric to deteriorate.

We need to remove the dust accumulated on the aqua quilts from time to time. We need to support the aqua quilts firmly and then shake the dust off. We can also vacuum small sections of the aqua quilts. Never dry-clean our aqua quilts because the chemicals used in the process might damage it. We should never eat, smoke or drink around the aqua quilts. No heavy objects should be placed on it. If we want to label our aqua quilts, then we can write the information on a piece of washed cotton or acid-free paper and place it on the aqua quilts.