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How To Make Easy B Smith Quilts

B Smith quilts with your arms are popular these days. Add a simple tie and create a blanket costume that is both functional and quite easy to do. Keep covered and warm under your cozy blanket while the practical sleeves give you the freedom to use hands to answer the phone or use the remote control and the tape keeps the cover firmly. Choose your favorite fleece, and in just a few steps, you have a blanket costume for yourself or someone in your family. You do not even need to know how to sew.


Put your fleece fabric on a flat surface for B Smith quilts part. Measure, mark and cut 24 inches from the bottom, short side. Cut 24-inch pieces in the middle, giving you two 24-by-30-inch pieces. These are the sleeves. Fold each of the sleeves lengthwise, straight to the right. Sew or glue seams close, 1/2 inch from the edge, creating two 11-for-30-inch tubes. If you use fabric glue, let your sleeves dry overnight before attaching them to the armholes on the main fabric piece. Measure, mark and cut additional 3-inch strips of fabric from the bottom, short side of your fleece. This is a tie for the waist.

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Fold your main piece of fabric in the length and measure and mark your B Smith quilts set. Make a 6 to 10-inch vertical oval, 14 inches down from the top and 12 inches in from the folded center. Cut oval through both layers of fabric, making two sleeve holes. Rotate the sleeve with the straight side outwards, and align the round end of each sleeve tube with the right side of the wool around the rounded edge of each armhole oval and pin.

Check the direction of the sleeve before connecting it to be sure that when you turn the b Smith quilts straight side out, the sleeve extends to the outside of the cover. Sew or glue the seams together half inch from the edge. Repeat for the other sleeve. Trim all threads of sewing or let dry overnight if you use glue. Rotate the casing straight side, hide the seam edges. Try the cloak and wrap tie around the waist. If the sleeves or tie are too long, trim to the desired length.


Fleece fabric does not ravel so you can leave the edges plainly, trim the edges with decorative scalloped scissors or sew or glue a small cap.