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Special Characteristics Of Bed Sheet Microfiber

Bed sheet microfiber are made with microfibers, this is a fabric with thickness of a fiber that is measured with name of denier, as it is used in textile field, larger this measurement, thicker fiber. microfiber is synthetic and very durable, is delicate and repels water. Fibers being so thin make sheets are very comfortable and people get used to them. It is said that microfiber savannahs have a texture similar to Egyptian cotton. Among characteristics that have microfiber sheets, is that they leave no lint, are antibacterial, do not wear out, and withstand any temperature very well. In making of sheets, microfibers achieve a very good imitation of silk.

For people with allergies are recommended use of bed sheet microfiber material, as well as for infants and children. These sheets are presented in a variety of colors, with very delicate tones that accompany decoration of whole environment. Besides smooth ones there are very attractive prints, with a combination in various colors, and with all kinds of drawings and designs. They are presented in different measures that are known that are of a square, square and a half, and two squares, as well as measures of children and babies. For larger beds there are up to two and a half beds.

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Soft Bed Sheet MicrofiberSize: 1500 x 1500

New Bed Sheet MicrofiberSize: 1500 x 1500

Navy Bed Sheet MicrofiberSize: 1000 x 1000

Gray Bed Sheet MicrofiberSize: 1500 x 1500

Dark Bed Sheet MicrofiberSize: 1213 x 1500

Bed Sheet Microfiber PinkSize: 1200 x 1200

Bed Sheet Microfiber 2017Size: 1131 x 1000

Between colors that are in stock, they are blue with combined in celeste, lavender bottom with printed to squares and combined with other type of figures, and varieties are innumerable. Smooth tones are precious, soft and delicate; there are other stronger tones, such as turquoise, fuchsia, blue, violet, orange, terra cotta, and others. Within models of microfiber sheets, there are some very elegant and fine ones that have background in a delicate tone like ivory, aquamarine, lavender, with white flowers. There are other sheets in white color that are combined in top with another color, in form of wide guard, others in smooth tones, with guard embroidered in white, and designs that astonish for its beauty.

Bed sheet microfiber for children have children’s drawings that they like, with their favorite characters, and colors that brighten decoration of whole environment, and for children to feel in a magical world. Sheet microfiber are ideal for babies, or for children, but are used for all types of beds. Not only are they used for making of sheets as we said before, but also quilts, pillowcases and cushions, duvets, curtains for nurseries and adults, and microfiber blankets that give an optimum result in all cases .