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Tips Before Buying Bed Sheet Valance

The count of threads in a bed sheet valance can determine the quality of the product and while this factor is important, it is not the only one to take into account. There are also other aspects, such as the material with which they are made and the use that will be given, which are decisive when making a correct choice. When it comes time to buy a new set of sheets, the range of options is so great that it can make you dizzy. A number of threads, the texture, the materials and the resistance are some of the important points to take into account.  But how do we really know if a sheet is good?

When a sheet fabric is more than 144 threads per square inch it means that it has a strong finish and that it will be softer and more delicate. This type of cloth usually has a velvety texture. The cotton and polyester are most commonly used materials for making bed sheet valance. Bedding fabrics may be made from a blend of both or only 100% cotton. The latter option is much softer and tense compared to those made with blends. In addition, they do not produce lint or static electricity. For people with little time to devote to housework, it is preferable to think in practical terms. For them, the recommended is the sheets whose fabrics exceed 180 threads, made in a mixture of polyester and cotton in equal proportions.

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The cotton fiber bed sheet valance is soft and does not irritate the skin like some synthetic fibers or wool. They bring better results than polyester by being cooler and absorbing moisture. However, it is very common to find sets of sheets composed of a combination of polyester with cotton. This can make the product cheaper and wrinkle less. They are high-quality products which ensure a long life and are also easy to wash dry fast and can be ironed easily. If you are looking for a soft sheet, it is good to have a high number of threads but also to be made of cotton; this combination offers a very pleasant sensation when covering.

But tends to wrinkle and requires careful ironing. If you want a bed sheet valance fabric that is easy to iron and resistant, in addition to being made with the quality raw material, we need you to have some polyester in your composition, to avoid wrinkles. Find the exact measurements that fit your bed. Look at the composition of the sheets (100% cotton or blend with polyester). I opened the sheets, touched them and I defined if that texture is the one you are looking for.